Bo Hu

Economics PhD candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute

Welcome to Bo Hu's Pages

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute, under the supervision of Makoto Watanabe and Pieter Gautier. I expect to complete my PhD in September 2018. Here is my CV.

Fields of Research: labor economics, industrial organization and corporate finance.


Market-making middlemen with Pieter Gautier and Makoto Watanabe, August 2016. [Paper] [Slides]
Why intermediaries are of different structures? For example, eBay is a pure platform while Amazon combines a third-party platform and a first-party middleman. Is this related to the market competition? This paper provides a theory to explain this phenomenon.

Competing Market-making Middlemen [Work in progress]
This project extends the theory of market-making middlemen by allowing for competition in the intermediation sector. Under various announcement sequences, we show the same intuition carries through and a market-making middleman emerges endogenously.

Executive Compensation and Search Frictions [Work in progress]
Why executives' incentive pay increases with firm size? This paper provides an explanation featuring the implicit incentives from the executives labor market. Compare to the current literature, my model does not reply on that bigger firms have more severe incentive problems. The total incentives are estimated by adding up the explicit incentives and the implicit incentives identified by on-the-job search behaviors. Deep parameters of incentive problems including monitoring costs and effort costs are recovered.


I presented my work at following conferences: Symposium in Hornor of Jean Tirole, Den Haag, Dec 2014; Search and Matching workshop, Bristol, Mar 2015; Search and Matching Annual Conference, Aix-en-Provence, May 2015; EARIE, Munich, July 2015; Search and Matching Annual Conference, Amsterdam, May 2016; EEA-ESEM, Geneva, August 2016.

Teaching and Others

I worked as a teaching assistant for: Game Theory (PhD course, Tinbergen Institute, 2012), Directed Labor Search (PhD course, Tinbergen Institute, 2016), Microeconomics (3rd year Bachelor course, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2013 - 2016), Industrial Organization (3rd year Bachelor course, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Amsterdam University College, 2015- 2017).

I co-organized the Search and Matching Annual Conference 2016. You can find the conference website that I designed SAMSTERDAM.