Bo Hu (胡博)

Economics PhD
Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam

Research fields:
executive compensation
dynamic contracting
labor/consumer search

Bo Hu

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute, under the supervision of Makoto Watanabe and Pieter Gautier. My research interests include executive compensation, dynamic contracting, labor search, and consumer search.

In my job market paper, titled, "Why do big firms pay more for performance?" I explain the firm-size premium in incentive pays (e.g. bonus, stocks and options) by introducing implicit incentives from executives' on-the-job search behavior and firms' firing decisions. The model is estimated to understand the underlying incentive problems across firms.

I am on the 2018 job market, and will be available for interviews at the AEA/ASSA annual meeting in Philadelphia in January, 2018.

On this site, you can find out more about my research, learn about my teaching activity, read my academic CV. , or get in touch .